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Over 70,000 people attended the latest edition of the world cup finals in Gothenborg  – a double; which decided the final winners in both dressage and show jumping.


By Camilla Alfthan


”I went in with a smile. And then I smiled again when we left the arena,” said Helen Langehanenberg who won the dressage finale on her imposing dark colt, Damon Hill, just two points above the defending champion, Adeline Cornelissen.

The German rider and her Dutch rival were always very close. In Gothenburg it was their third World Cup duel and this time it was Langehanenberg’s turn to take the lead, after having won two days in a row and with an impressive score of  88,286 for her final freestyle programme.

”I always said this horse that can read and write. He is so clever and he understands everything. He loves to be in front of the audience and to be the star. If he weren’t so big he would be at home in the couch with us,” said Langehanenberg about her 14 year old Westfalian who helped her procure her highest score ever in an international competition.

”It’s a relationship that grew over time, and we had to get to know each other.

Damy definitely understands the music. He’s very sensitive, and for me, it feels like he’s caressing me. He makes me relax when we’re in the ring. He always let’s me lead. Like a tango? I haven’t thought of it like this, but yes, it probably is.”

”I always think about what we could improve and then he does it by himself and takes it to an even higher level. When we were done, I took him to the stalls. He always rolls afterwards, so he was full of shavings and we had to give him many carrots, so I was really busy and didn’t have much time to think about the others. It was incredible, there was so much tension, and you never know, Adeline Cornelissen is so strong so you can expect anything. I hadn’t seen the rides so… When I found out I’d won, all I could say was ”wow” !”





Beezie’s careful fighter


The World Cup finale in show jumping was due the following day and in two rounds with 19 finalists.

After her impressive win in the Zürich in the tenth leg of the World Cup, Luciana Diniz was in the lead but a difficult course got in her way.

Instead it was America’s legendary Beezie Madden who took the prize after a jump off against Switzerland’s, Steve Guerdat.

”I would have liked to pull it off already with the second round. But my horse was fantastic and I managed to shake that off and concentrate on the jump-off..I was watching on the TV. Once he (Steve) had two down I just wanted to know what the time allowed was so that I did not make a mistake be going over the time allowed,” said Beezie who’s 14 year old Dutch bred gelding, Simon, was third in the 2011 World Cup final with his previous rider,  Netherland’s Jeroen Dubbeldam. As it turned out, 2013 was the lucky number for the winning combination.

“He’s a very sensible horse, so there has always been a question about rideability and we’ve played around with bits and found one he likes now. He can get strong, but he’s not so difficult and he’s careful, he wants to do his job and he makes it easy for me as long as I can get him there in range. I got him 18 months ago, and he’s great because he’s a fighter!” said Beezie Madden.


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