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For Thierry Poussard, the ears are the most important feature in a horse.  Before he starts to photograph he listens to the horse to connect and to be accepted.


Where are you from?


I’m a French photographer born in Paris.


 When and why did you start to photograph horses?


I’ve been a horse lover and a horse rider before having my first camera, so the two passions met naturally.


 What is so captivating about them?


First of all I do love spending time with horses, so photography is both a pretext and a consequence.

What’s the biggest challenge in photographing horses?


I never felt shooting horses as a challenge, but I would quote Henri Cartier-Bresson who aimed “l’instant décisif”.


You seem to have “a conversation” with the horses when you’re photographing, is that so?


I need to introduce me to the horses before anything else, even when I plan to ride them or if I just want to touch them, I take time to connect and beeing accepted. Then, I can play with curiosity or with acceptance and confidence.

“I do love spending time with horses, so photography is both a pretext and a consequence.”


Your favorite equestrian motives – and why?


I realised that I often focus on ears… cause it’s part of my connection with them, part of what they express.


Your favorite shoot ?


No favorite, all are significant for me.


Why polo? What is the attraction?



Once I’ve been told: “If you like horses, if you like esthetism in photography you must try Polo”. I did.


What clubs or countries did you enjoy the most?


The one I haven’t visited yet: Argentina !


What would you like to do in the future?


I would continue to meet new places, new horses… my way.