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Georgina Bloomberg has had priviledged upbringing as well as a lot of expectations. These days, however, the latter come mainly from herself in her career as a professional show jumper – and writer.


By Camilla Alfthan


Georgina Bloomberg hails from a family which has long been the centre of public attention. Her father, Michael Bloomberg was a popular mayor in New York’s during a decade and he’s also the man behind the Bloomberg news coorperation with an estimated personal wealth over 25 billions dollars. That makes Georgina stand out from most other people though, on the outside, she resembles any other pony tailed horse rider. While her mother and older sister have chosen to lead reclusive lives, she calls herself a ‘lose cannon’ who spends most of her time with her horses or as a volunteer with animal rights groups.

When we meet, we’re at the annual Gucci Masters event in Villepinte near Paris – a lavish indoor event with luxury stores and cocktail bars and a place where the horses enter the chandelier lit warm up ring on a red carpet.

As a rider Georgina is one of the many hundred competitors who travel from show to show to jump various classes which start in the mornings and often go on until late in the evenings.

Although she is petite she has a strong hand with the horses – in the US alone she has already been placed in over sixty Grand Prixs.


”I’m not competitive in the ways most girls are, but for sports I am. What I love about it is that you work hard at something and then you can go in the ring and have a pay off.”


”I have no idea of how many Grand Prixs I’ve won. But I’ve kept most of my trophies and I’m very proud of them. I have no shame in displaying them in my home.

I’m not competitive in the ways most girls are, but for sports I am. What I love about it is that you work hard at something and then you can go in the ring and have a pay off,” she tells when we sit down for a chat in one of the elegant lounges of the show.


A tomboy who loves action


As it turns out it’s the rough side of the sport which is a part of the attraction for 30-year old New Yorker.


” As a kid I loved the freedom to get out and get dirty and run around with my friends. Once I started competing I fell in love with it. If I didn’t compete I wouldn’t ride,” tells Georgina who is knicknamed Georg in her family, being a bit of a tomboy.


At school she always found it hard to keep still in class and things did not change much when she enrolled at university in New York.

Today, she sees the ironi in the fact that she now has her name on three teen novels that Bloomsbury asked her to write with co-author, Catherine Hapka. ”A Circuit”, ”My favorite Mistake” and ”Off Course”  are the titles of her books and a fourth is on its way.


”There’s a little bit of romance and drama in them. And a a little bit of me in every character. Basically, it is all about a general experience – things that happened to me, friends or people I know,” tells Georgina Bloomberg who is currently in talks about making a tv-series based on the books.


”At first, I hesitated to enter this project as I was never a very good writer. On the other hand, it was the first time I had the chance to write about something I know really well,” she tells.


Her main character, Tommie, is the show jumping daughter of a billionnaire who ”owns half of New York” and who doesn’t quite understand the attraction of the equestrian world. Contrary to most people who surround him,  Tommie is not afraid to stand up to her father.


A Circuit

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