Georgina Bloomberg’s agenda


In real life, Georgina and Michael Bloomberg ressemble each other – both are outspoken and follow their hearts. For Georgina it’s always been her dream to ride professionally.  Even if her dad has said that he cannot understand how anyone can make a living from it. The horses costs several thousand dollars each and the winnings are far less. It is also dangerous sport : She has broken her back twice after some bad falls and subsequently had to have surgery.


”My dad doesn’t have a lot of time to see me ride but we’re good at supporting one another even if we do different things. I always think that I don’t have a lot of natural talent so I have to work very hard at it. That’s why it’s so important to form a relationship with the horses, ” she tells.


Her show jumpers are stabled in New York and in Wellington, Florida, where she rides during the winters. She only keeps eight in order to concentrate on each one. As she is so tiny she starts each morning with an exercise programme so that she can handle the horses with a maximum of strength.


Basically, a lot of it is about pride and obtaining the goals that she has set for herself.


“Just because you can afford something it doesn’t mean that you have to buy it. I’d rather work my way up. If that keeps me from becoming a top rider, so be it.”


”Some people think that you can just buy any horse when you have the money. But from a moral point of view I could never do that. Just because you can afford something it doesn’t mean that you have to buy it. I’d rather work my way up. If that keeps me from becoming a top rider, so be it. It’s more important for me to feel good about what I’m doing.”


Homeless dogs and second hand clothing


As the sport is so costly, she founded the Rider’s Closet initiative a few years ago which provides free second hand clothing for fellow riders.


”Some of my friends make jokes about it. But to me, it is a small thing which can helps others,” tells Georgina who was raised with the Bloombergian ideals of philantropy.

Her sister, Emma, has created the Robin Hood foundation which aids the poor in New York and she’s also the president on the board of the organisation, Stand for Children.

Her father has donated over $1,1 billion to his old univeristy, John Hopkins, to combat the trend where the state slashes funding for schools.


Before competing in the States Georgina was based in Germany during the summers.


”It’s great to see how well run the shows are and to ride against people I’ve been admiring throughout the years. Marcus Ehning is my favorite. He is very quiet on the horse and you don’t really notice his hands or his body. He just lets the horse do the work; he’s always very elegant,” tells Georgina.



For Georgina the animals are her priority. After hurricane Sandy had flooded most of Lower Manhattan, she helped salvage abandonded dogs. At her house she has five former homeless dogs and even a pig.


”His name is Wilbur and he’s very smart and clean. He came from a farm in New Jersey and he needed a home so I adopted him,” she tells.


”I know I was brought into this world to help the animals. It’s something I want to do for the rest of my life. The horses have given me so much so I consider it my duty to do something for them. Even if we treat them well they often end up at slaughter houses. So when you sell your horse you must follow it to make sure it doesn’t end up in the wrong hands.”

Show jumping remains her main passion.


”It’s a tough sport which demands a lot of work.  You sacrifice a lot of things and you’re around the horses six days a week.


If you get afraid, it’s time to start something new.  In competitions, there’s no space for bad losers. Because you’ll always lose more classes than you win.

So you have to appreciate the good moments and never let the bad times get to you emotionally.


 ”I know I was brought into this world to help the animals.” 


The last few years have been a bit of a struggle. I’ve had a lot of bad luck, horses going lame or me having an injury. So to have back surgery has been a very important decision for me to say that I want to give this sport one more shot, and that I want to come back strong and fit for the next couple of years.


I’m not done in this sport yet, I want to give it another shot so it’s going to take a little more than a few broken bones to keep me out.”


Interview December, 2012


A clear round

 A clear round with Juvina in Falsterbo 2014.  The previous year, the duo came third in the $250,000 FTI Consulting Grand Prix at the Hampton Classic while five months pregnant.


Rein In 


In 2013 Georgina Bloomberg published her fourth novel, Rein It In. 




* Was born in New York on January 20, 1983.


* Divides her time between New York and Wellington, Miami where she show jumps.


* On the eve of Christmas, 2013, she gave birth to her baby boy, Jasper Michael Brown Quintana, who was  fathered by the Argentine show jumper, Ramiro Quintana.


* Georgina is still riding strong – she’s actively involved in the Central Park show jumping competitions which were launched in September 2014.




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