White turf in St. Moritz

When in St. Moritz…do as the Romans


During the Roman times, St. Moritz was a spa town due to its many hot springs which are rich in minerals and which have inspired the hoteliers. In the past few years, the palaces have dusted off this heritage to create their own, luxurious spas, each with its own significant design.

At the Badrutt’s the granit interiours are inspired by the Romans and engraved with sgrafito. Apart from a pool area which has a stunning view on the lake, there are steambaths, saunas and private spa suites.

The design of the Kulm,  is modern and minimalistic, and there’s even an outdoor jacuzzi.

The Carlton has a beautiful spa and a view on the lake, while St. Moritz’s oldest spa is situated at the Kempinsky Hotel des Bains, which is entirely in granit and wood, and by far, the most spacious of them all.

A public spa has recently opened in St. Moritz Bad at Heilbad which includes a pool and a gym.


Albana in Silvaplana

Ten minutes away from St. Moritz, there’s the lake of Silvaplana, the place of nordic skiers and where you find the modern boutique hotel, Albana, complete with art exhibitions, their own bakery, a spa and a charming hostess, Malvika Bosshard-Jürisaar, her husband, Daniel, and their dog, Bäri. www.hotelalbana.ch




The ambiance, the place and the unique partnership between the players and their horses by Xaver Walser :


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