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Hayley Turner – who in 2008 became the first female jockey to ride 100 UK Flat winners during a calendar year –  had helped the celebrity riders train for the build-up to this year’s Magnolia Cup.



However, that wasn’t what came to her mind when Philippa Holland summed up her experience of the six furlong amateur race that she first won in 2012.
“When you look smart it makes you a more confident rider,” said the London based jeweller who defended her title dressed in hearts designed by the editor of LOVE magazine, Katie Grand.  
With nine participants the Magnolia Cup was held on Ladies’ Day of Glorious Goodwood – and a fashionable reminder that the fairer sex was not allowed to race in England until 1975 !
As in previous years,  leading fashion designers had created the jockey’s silks – besides Katie Grand; Bella Freud, Vivienne Westwood, Beulah, Mulberry Frost French, Project D and Jasmine Guinness – the latter was the designer for the runner up, Francesca Cumani on Hireandhire – the daughter of the race horse trainer, Luca Cumani.
For Holland, her preparations for the race included riding out at Michael Owen’s yard in Cheshire two to three times a week, and running up the Dorset hills where she lives to keep fit.
“I don’t wear jewellery when I’m riding, apart from a necklace of my own design that I never take off. It’s a relatively long gold chain with a disc that is engraved with Artemis, Goddess of Hunting.
It’s for protection – although hopefully I won’t need it,” Holland told told the Daily Telegraph’s Ellie Pithers before repeating her not so elegant dismount of last year when she fell off while pulling up her horse, Bellevue Beauty – only to jump back in the saddle to collect the honours.
Excerpts from the Fashion Desk of the Daily Telegraph  when supermodel Edie Campbell won the 2014 Magnolia Cup – for the second time – and nearly fell into the arms of Hollywood star, Tom Cruise dressed in roses from Vivienne Westwood:

“The model was back in the saddle this year as the official Ladies’ Race Ambassador having won the inaugural ladies’ celebrity charity race in 2011, and come fourth in 2012. She didn’t disappoint, steaming to the finish line on See the Storm wearing a floral silk designed by Vivienne Westwood.

Just rewards came in the form of a Theo Fennell diamond tie pin and a decanter stopped with a silver skull, and a kiss from a Hollywood movie star: Tom Cruise. The Risky Business actor was in Chichester on a break from filming, and offered to present the Magnolia Cup awards at the last minute. Mass hysteria ensued, with hundreds of wonderfully turned-out ladies heading to the Goodwood parade ring in an attempt to snap a selfie with Cruise.

Campbell, meanwhile, was just focusing on not falling onto him. “My legs were still really wobbly after the race,” she laughed when The Telegraph spoke to her post-victory. “A dramatic fall into the arms of Tom Cruise would not have been cool.”

Campbell is a keen rider, with two horses stabled in Warwickshire, and regularly competes in eventing. “I’ve been training for this race for the past couple of months but the past two weeks has been a lot more intense,” she said, swigging on a bottle of water. “I’ve been riding out with Ian Williams, who has been amazing. I’m just so relieved I managed it.”

Her mother, the former Vogue fashion editor Sophie Hicks, admitted her daughter’s passion is anomalous. “I really don’t know where she gets her love of riding from,” she said as she snapped pictures of Edie on her phone. “I haven’t a clue about riding myself. It’s completely from her – and it’s marvellous that she won today.”


Supermodel, Edie Campbell, winner of the 2014 Magnolia Cup – her second!     Photos Megan Ridgwell, and Camilla Alfthan

Supermodel Edie Campbell

The two first across the finish line