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The horsey tribes are usually made up of different breeds who rarely mix, however, they do have one thing in common – the horse and the lifestyle around it.


That is why it makes sense to have a common platform with the best from these worlds through reportages, interviews, sporting events and photo essays with all the advantages of the internet:


Updates to an existing article, links to film footage and unlimited space for quotes and images – while keeping the gist of the story. 


The timing couldn’t be better with so many fashion houses exploring their equestrian heritage while producers of riding apparel are increasingly focused on design.


Endless rows of beautiful horses in dreamy places are everywhere on the internet – but who are they, where are they from and what do they do?


Some of those questions are answered in this magazine by various characters from in and around the equestrian world. 


More about them in the contributor’s chapter – still in the writings…



Dream or reality
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 Photos David LaChapelle for Tod’s and Camilla Alfthan



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