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Sometimes the internet is not enough.  Sometimes you want to see and feel the stories that you read about; take them home or tear out a page. For the same reason we do


“Made-to-measure” magazines for shows and events so that people can go home with something tangible and inspirational other than just the starting lists.  


Brand magazines that show case products and philosophies through articles, interviews and photography in and around the equestrian world.


Contributors don’t necessarily come from the equestrian world.  Outsiders sometimes have the freshest view.  One such example is David LaChapelle’s dreamy images for the Italian leather goods house, Tod’s that tell the tale of young girl’s love of horses.


The timing is perfect. In the eyes of the New York based photographers, The Hilton Brothers, these days  “anything green is the new gold”.  The duo had absolutely no connection to the equestrian world until they were invited to photograph horses by Kelly Klein and put their first horsey portraits on surf boards that they photographed, too.  


In retro perspective, a fitting metaphor for how projects can take off with the right waves.


Marcus Ehning on Plot Blue

photo R&B Presse

Silver for Sweden

photo Camilla Alfthan

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