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An iconic scent celebrates its 50th anniversary.



Since its creation in 1965, Habit Rouge has remained a classic after it was launched as the first oriental scent for men. 


“I created Habit Rouge with an audacity which broke with the traditional paths of perfume making. The presence of vanilla, which is a first in male scents, gives it a sensual and surprisingly elegant note,” said Jean-Paul Guerlain who also played with contrasts as he blended exotic spices with the cooler lime and bitter lemon.


A fourth generation “nose” of the famous family company which was founded in 1828,  Jean-Paul Guerlain is known to be able to identify over 3,000 different scents.

In his younger days, he was an accomplished dressage rider who participated in the world cup and who was nominated for the French Olympic team in 1985. For generations his entire family have indulged in equestrian sports and the horses have often inspired him.

The idea to create his bestselling Derby came about when Guerlain visited the grand Roman amphitheatre of El Djem in Tunisia, where he imagined sweaty horses galloping on its race track.

The inspiration for Habit Rouge came when he was riding in the forest of his estate. Its name refers to the scarlet jacket worn by fox hunters – a sport traditionally considered the epiphany of British culture though it is also very popular in France.  Although the design of the flask was redesigned a few years ago the perfume remains the same. 


“A scent is the most powerful memory,” said Jean-Paul Guerlain. 






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