The Hubertus hunt







As the hunting season begins elsewhere the season ended in Denmark with the annual Hubertus Hunt – a ride that is centered around the historic Eremitage castle in the Deer Gardens north of Copenhagen where the King used to go stag hunting.


The first hunt took place in 1401 after the King had tried the sport in Paris and decided to take it back home. Over the years, it became such a passion that his successor in 1670 re-planned the entire forest while demolishing villages around the area where the Eremitage castle was built in 1735.

Parforce hunting was, however, abandoned in the same century and today, the many stags that roam the area are practically tame as they’re grazing on the greens of the historic golf course while the hunt itself has turned into a sporting event that marks the grande finale of the season. 

The rides begin in April and instead of chasing game the participants complete a trail that for the final ride is 11 kilometers long with altogether 33 obstacles.

The finals winners are decided in  a race on the King’s former track – in the 2013 edition; Mark Hartwig on his horse, Fijocca and for the ponies Anna Bjørn on American Love.