Gucci Masters







The world’s new number one,  Scott Brash, seemed almost invinsible after his two big wins at the Gucci Masters. But for the final Grand Prix, it was Kevin Staut who had the fastest horse – his longtime accomplice, Silvana. 


By Camilla Alfthan


For the former number one, his Grand Prix victory was a welcomed one that came after a dry spell.


With some of the world’s best riders on his French home turf, Staut’s victory was even more special. From the beginning, the Frenchman was very relaxed since both his mares were doing well after a delicate period.


“The number one was here, and he is really incredible right now and with one of his best horses. So the sport has reached a new level with an event like this that helps bring the sport out to more people,” said Staut who took home the 115,500 euro prize aboard his longtime partner, Silvana.


“There are so many shows every weekend of a very high quality, so you really have to plan them well. I’m lucky to have horses for them, that are in good shape. Here, the audience was an important factor, too, it’s very important to feel their support, to feel well, and be very close to my team. I’ve had a delicate season so I hope this heralds a change of direction,” said Staut who came first in a jump off with altogether 14 riders with Scott Brash and Gerco Schröder tailing right behind.


In the richly decorated surroundings that included chandeliers, equestrian sculptures and a Formula One car situated next to Gucci’s pop-up store, the Masters were a chic affair. The highlight of the four day event, was perhaps the popular Style & Competition class, invented by Gucci sponsored Charlotte Casiraghi.


“It is a fantastic show. What makes it so fantastic is the atmosphere and the audience who really are behind you. (The ring master) Pedro who stands in the gate all dressed up is fantastic for the public and he gets them reved up and for sure it helps us riders and our horses.

When everyone is cheering on you you want to please them and you want to try harder and you go well, and I think it shows in any top sport today,” said Scott Brash who had come to Paris for the first time and in style as he won both Friday’s Speed Challenge and Saturday’s Battles of the Sexes and then finished second in Sunday’s, Gucci Grand Prix.


“When everyone is cheering on you you want to please them and you want to try harder and you go well.”


“My horse is a fantastic and she’s been jumping really well lately. I have known for a while that something big was coming and she was second in Verona and a nice second here again so hopefully, one day we’ll win a big one. But I must say that Kevin was very, very fast,” said Scott Brash whose own mare, Ursula, was born and bred in his native Scotland.

“I think its nice to be riding a horse that was bred at home because there are not so many top horses. It makes us priviledged when she wins.


I have a fantastic string of horses and a fantastic team behind me. They all make my life very easy when I ride into the ring.

When you’re winning, there’s nothing you can’t win so when things don’t go right, then nothing goes right for you, so I think I’m going through a very good spell at the moment. But it will change. I think it is important to just look after the horses and keep  them well so they can perform as well as possible.”



Below, the most colourful part of the four day show, Style&Competition, for the benefit of AMADE :