Calm and space


Owner of


the Land


By Atli Thor Alfredsson, styled by Mark Kenley Domino Tan


A man, a horse and some land. Those were the basic elements when photographer, Atli Thor Alfredsson set out to capture the essence of a man close to his roots.



The idea was to make a portrait of a person who is close to nature and his horse and who gets his calm from it.

I know the feeling myself when nature gives an enormous calm and space to stabilize my thoughts.

I was thinking about Amish, or rather a modern Amish and Mark Tan pushed the image to make it more beautiful.”  


A man and his horseSoul mates

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Mark Kenley Domino Tan was recently awarded with the 2014 Danish Design Talent Magasin prize,


Model Søren Rostved/ Lemanagement. With thanks to Parcelgårdens Rideskole, Glostrup.