Horses and hedonism



Facundo Pieres – the Argentinian 10 -goaler. He rides incredibly well and he plays even better. He gives the sport a good name in so many ways and he’s modest about his talent.


Adolfo Cambiaso – the Argentinian 10-goaler. He’s a freak talent polo player even if his riding style isn’t as good as Facundo’s but he’s blessed with a talent that we’ll probably never see again in our lifetime.





Not much can beat the Guards Polo Club in Windsor Great Park in England… With ten playing fields that resemble pool tables and a list of members that sound like the “Who’s Who” of the rich and famous. It’s situated in the most beautiful place and when the sun sets after a great match with a view from the beautiful club house life does not get much better!

Another great club is the IPC (International Polo Club) in Palm Beach, Florida.  It’s an example of when money and contruction rules have no limits. The club and its famous grandstand is the ultimate place in the world – that is; if you have 80,000 dollars for a season for a booth to your guests. The grandstand is very high so you have a super view and everything is top notch without any limitations of expense.




I’m facinated by how so many brands hijack the polo style. You see it everywhere but so few brands are authentic. I’m not just interested in the obvious polo style but rather what we see on the sidelines on polo wives and girlfriends – for example Delfina Blacquier who is married to Nacho Figuera. Lounge and hippy chic is a classic style that I’m inspired by for Sexy Kaftans.


For the summer of 2015 Louise Sandberg gets ready for her latest initiative  –


Photo © Camilla Alfthan, model Silja Normann Gade



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