Teen riders



Clara Lenikus, 18



My first horse was : An Oldenburger / Trakhener mix. His name was Sherlock and he was seven when I bought him. He was only castrated at six and very stallion like. He had a strong mind and he wanted to decide everything. After ten months he died of a heart attack.


I ride because : I love the teamwork between horse and rider . I love going to see my horse and knowing that she’s waiting for me. I ride because I love the sport and the fact that I can make the horse respond to me.  Besides, I love having a best friend, who is always there for me.


My best memory: When I found my first horse. I’d already tried over 20 horses and I was beginning to give up. But then there was Sherlock and after having sat on him for 15 minutes I yelled to my dad : ‘I must have him. No matter what!’ That was my biggest moment.


My first roset : I won it with Champagne. I always loved dressage the most. He was a jumper but we won anyway, and finished second in our class.


“Horses are always happy when you arrive. They’re always there when you need to get away.” 


My greatest victory : Show jumping with Champagne. I was always a little nervous about jumping but I’d nevertheless enrolled for an LC/100 cm. We made a clear round and I got more or less over my fears.


I love horses because: They’re always happy when you arrive.  Besides, they’re always there when you need to get away. I love horses because they are such a large animals who will let us ride them and love them.


I found Chanel  : On the net when Champagne died. I was going on a trip with my school and wanted to try her before. I fell in love with her mind and her looks and I said that I wanted her.


I fell for : Her cautiousness and her walk. She’s very fragile but full of love. When I took off her sadle I was caressing her and she caressed me back. That made my heart melt.


My best ride:  Perhaps going to the beach making the pictures. She was very scared and I never thought it would work. But I trusted her and she trusted me. That’s why it was our biggest challenge and our best ride.


I ride dressage and I jump because : I love competition. I love to enter a ring and show all the things that I spent time learning. Jumping is fun but I prefer dressage, where it is really about patience and team work.


The best I learned from the sport: Patience and love. I’ve never loved anyone as much as my horse. She means everything. Besides, you learn a lot about patience and respect. You need to give your horse time and let her rest. If she’s afraid you must do what you can to help her but you must also respect if it becomes too much.


My friends : Support me a lot. They come to see me compete and they listen to my horse talk. But sometimes they think it’s a shame that I’m always busy after school because my horse waiting for me. Competitions are also more important than parties. But they think it is cool that I have a hobby that means so much.


My goals for the future : I hope to hunt with Chanel. I’d like to do an entire season with her. I hope to ride an LA  in dressage, the highest programme before the M classes. I hope to win many competitions and to compete locally.


With great THANKS to the girls, their families and their volonteers to make this shoot.



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