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At 90+, Bent Fabricius-Bjerre is still writing music and riding out.


By Camilla Alfthan


Alley Cat was Fabricius-Bjerre’s  breakthrough hit which earned him a Grammy in 1962. Since then, the Dane has written, performed and collaborated on hundreds of different projects as a composer and a pianist.

His jingle for the hugely popular tv-series, Matador, is a classic which is seeing a revival with the opening of Korsbæk – a remake of the fictional town in the series which is now built in the forest where Fabricius-Bjerre has been riding out for over 60 years.

Smartly dressed in his matching riding gear it is impossible to guess that he has recently begun his 100th decade on Planet Earth.

He still drives to the club in his Mercedes, saddles his horse like a juvenile in a hurry, then joins his son, Henrik, for their traditional hack in the Deer Gardens, north of Copenhagen, never missing a beat or lagging behind.


Music always played a major part in your life. But when – and why – did you start to ride?

I started riding in the 1950s. I was given a horse by (the film director) Erik Balling, who had taken it home after filming in Iceland.

What does the sport mean to you? 

Riding means staying in touch with the horse and nature. It gives fresh air to your brain and lungs.

Have you ever been inspired to write a piece of music when you’re in the saddle?

Music is my work and I’m entirely relaxed when I ride and don’t think about work.

Did you ever compete – or want to?

I’m a consummate forest rider, and I ride twice a week with my son, Henrik. I’ve been doing that since he was five. Today he’s 55.

 A favorite horse?

Estrella. A beautiful, light-footed Arab, who’m I bought from Gentofte’s mayor, Poul Fenneberg.

What is your best trip on the horse?

Every year in the Deer Gardens, when the beech trees leafs out.

 Your biggest memory in music?

The musical, Matador at the Opera in Copenhagen staged by Peter Langdal.

The best thing about the times we’re living in now?

For me, that I’m still here and can go riding a couple of times a week.

What’s next?

My agenda is still full of new projects. Check out my homepage.

Your motto?

Look ahead. never look back. Done is done, and you can’t change it, whereas tomorrow brings new adventures and challenges.


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