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As the flat racing season is off it is soon again time for Ms. Diane – the stylish huntress of Prix Diane Longines – France’s most elegant race of the year, and before that the Prix du Jockey Club.  We had a chat with the artist behind the chic and charming sketches, Charlotte du Jour.



Where are you from ?


I’m from Paris but I’ve been living in London for the past six years.


How long have you been drawing ?


I learned to draw rather late after finishing my high school, baccalauréat économique, I wanted to be a dancer like my mother but she discouraged me, so I chose interiour design but I needed to take some classes in drawing as a basic work tool. I started at a school of graphic design in Paris, l’ESAG, I worked very hard because I didn’t know how to draw but I advanced quickly because I fell in love with it.


Your style is very particular. How did you find it?


Very late when I had my first Macintosh and an excellent design software, “illustrator”.  I found that this way of drawing suited me very well : No need for paper or paint, just a pen and a graphic tablette…No need to scan the design, in two minutes you send your work around the world, an extraordinary time saver.


When and how did you become Charlotte du Jour? 


Charlotte du Jour was born five years ago, pushed by my friends who’m I drew to amuse myself in between two baby bottles…I’m also a young mother of three boys..I arrived in London because of my husband’s work.


What is your relation to horses – and indeed the races ?


I’ve been riding since childhood, it was my passion, but just for the fun of it and not to compete..I love the equestrian universe – however, I’m not too familiar with the world of racing but I’ve learned a lot thanks to the Prix de Diane Longines!


What do you think of this animal from an artists point of view?


The horse is so gracious, strong and luminous, it is a pleasure to draw even if it’s very difficult!


Was this the first time that you made drew of horses ?


Yes! I’ve made quite a few photographs of horses but I never drew them…

Le Prix de Diane Longines found my drawings on the website “charlotte du jour” and asked me to make 10 pictures for the press pack, postal cards and fabric bag. It was so exciting  to do it and a challenge to draw perfect horses humorously.. Actually It was very fun! And I am very happy of the end result! The prix de Diane is a beautiful event and I’m very proud to participate!


The horse is so gracious, strong and luminous, it is a pleasure to draw – even if it’s very difficult !


How did you go about making them – what was your inspiration?


My inspiration is a question of habit, by creating humouristic charicatures it comes automatically.


What does the Prix Diane mean to you ?


Elegance, passion, endurance, sharing, tradition… it’s really a very beautiful event!


If you were to do more equestrian drawings what would you do ?


I’d love to draw horses in equestrian shows…super difficult !!


Interview by Camilla Alfthan ©




As the elegant women are placing their bets