Outdoor girls

The warmth of horse fur


Second skin


There’s something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a woman. Especially, when the frisky temperatures start to creep in and the warmth of your horse’s fur becomes the ultimate luxury. 


By Camilla Alfthan, in the saddle Emilie Hammer and Silja Normann Gade.


There’s nothing like a brisk trot when the cold sets in and the scents of autumn leaves linger in the freshness of the air.

The dramatic skies, evenings that come quickly and the dampness of horse fur that never dries all add up to that special feeling of outdoor rides during the winter season – just as returning to a warm, cosy stable and listening to the gentle sounds of horses munching oats and hay.


To 24-year old, Emilie Hammer there’s nothing like the outdoors:


 “I always ride outside – even if it gets cold and I sometimes freeze my fingers off and I must tuck them under the saddle to keep them warm.  
I love the freshness of the air outside and the freedom roaming around.
Indoor riding is not at all my thing.
I’m studying to become a nurse so horse riding is a great way to relax after a busy day at school or work.  I ride with my friends and when we go for longer hacks in the woods we stop at midway for warm drinks at a bar in Raavad.
“My boyfriend also rides so it’s OK to come home and smell of horse.”
I grew up in a farm in eastern Zealand where my grandfather had a farm with lots of sales horses. My dad followed in his footsteps – he always had many horses.
You could say that I was born on the back of a horse as I was riding before I could walk. When I was five I was riding every week.
The name of my horse is Agersholm Thera. She’s eight years old and a Danish Oldenborg of 12,5 percent thoroughbred blood.  The best thing about her is her calm temper and her loving spirits.
My preferred equestrian quote is perhaps ” to always get back in the saddle”. My favourite equestrian book is by the horse whisperer,  Nicholas Evans. I’ve read it five times and I’ve seen the movie several times, too.
My boyfriend also owns a horse so luckily he understands why I spend so much time in the stable. It’s OK to come home and smell of horse. We hunt together and share that experience and the community of this sport.
My greatest accomplishment was riding my first Hubertus hunt after only having hunted for two months and a half.
I don’t ride to win but to enjoy myself and my horse.”
Lakes of gold
Emilie Hammer on Thera in the dramatic beauty of the outdoors.