Haras de Brullemail

The stud was created around an old manor house dating back in the XVIII century (1722) by a Muskateer. For Bernard le Courtois, the entire area was a revelation. As soon as he saw it he knew that he wanted to make his life here. Surrounded by horses and the second love of his life, English Mastiff dogs.


The dogs won quite a few prizes – which was the best?


It had to be winning Best of Breed at CRUFTS with Samantha, a gorgeous  american bitch and the BOB at the European Championships with Barnaby Brullemail.


You were a city dweller before, travelling the world, and you still travel a lot. What is so special about living in the country surrounded so many animals?


To know that its my farm. And that I have created this place in my own image and style away from all the hustle and bustle. It’s the life that I always dreamed of having.


“Thanks to the horses I can live this dream.”

It’s thanks to the horses that I can live this dream. So they taught me to be grateful and also to take the ups and downs in life. And to take chances and believe in your own ideas.


Do you ride at Brullemail?


Not any more. I used to love to ride my stallions. But not enough. And one day had a scary accident. Not as supple as I was and anyway now I get so much more pleasure from just walking with them in the paddocks or watching a top rider like Patrice Delaveau really jump  them.


“My favourite part of the day is around 6pm when I go out to the fields and walk amongst the new foals and the broodmares.”
Your favorite horse and why?



Favourite or most perfect?  Fergar Mail was perhaps my first stallion made from all of the horses I started with Almé, Laudanum and a fabulous mare called Adoret Z. He had everything. The chic look , a perfect jump and a dream pedigree. After him it would have to be Katchina Mail , thanks to who’m we have travelled the horse world and enjoyed some great moments and victories.


A typical day at Brullemail ?


My day starts with feeding the dogs, breakfast and then a good couple of hours on the internet writing and answering questions. Then some office time. In the afternoon we have the vet visit everyday during the breeding season to check on the mares and foals. Or I might attend the young horse training events nearby in Normandy. I am two days a week in Paris at the moment as I accepted the role of President of the SF studbook.

My favourite part of the day is around 6pm when I go out to the fields and walk amongst the new foals and the broodmares. In the late spring evenings,  the grass looks wonderful and the weather is just right for the foals to start playing and gallop about.


You’re often called the Knight of the Rose. How much time do you spend in your garden?


If we are lucky with the weather we will have lunch on the terrace. Christopher does all of the upkeep with one helper who come three hours a week. I just watch everything grow and cut the flowers to make the bouquets about the house. Mostly old english roses. With a mix of pivoines and geraniums set behind symetrical box hedges with a small brick pond in the centre.


Brullemail is also about receiving visitors..


I am at my best when people come to Brullemail. I love to show off my horses. They are my pleasure and my pride. We have given several special parties to mark some of our anniversaries like the 10th year  Pic-nic . The Summer Ball and Horse auction to mark the 25 years of the Stud. And this year we will hold another auction in July in the form of a country fair.

We have many visitors from around the world either alone or often groups of breeders from Argentina, Mexico, Sweden, the US, and so on.They all come in homage to the last resting place of my first and probably the worlds most famous stallion. Almé who is buried in a plot over looking the paddocks and to see my breeding stock and stallions.

The most important stallions standing at the stud farm today are of course Jaguar Mail, sire of some top young horses in jumping and eventing and Olympic competitor in Hong Kong. Quite Easy, our Swedish star and son of Quidam de Revel. Quality Touch a top son of Quick Star. Utrillo Van de Heffink with his very modern Clinton /Heartbreaker pedigree. And 3 young promising sires:  Ulmar, Ulgar, and Tresor Mail.





The haras was created around an old manor house dating back in 1722 by a Musqueteer


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