Rio 2016


“I enjoy photographing equestrian sports at the Olympics as the different disciplines – eventing, jumping and dressage – allow me to capture completely different atmospheres.


The sport seeks fear to dominate, fatigue to triomphe over, and difficulty to overcome, as said Pierre de Coubertin and that has created a formidable atmosphere to capture.


“The sport seeks fear to dominate, fatigue to triomphe over and difficulty to overcome and that has created a formidable atmosphere to capture”


The equestrian sport is one of the only Olympic disciplines that allows athletes who are over 60 years of age to participate – just think of Britain’s John Whitaker who is 61, ” reflects Richard Juillart  – and admirer of the Old Masters of the art world.


“Two great painters, Alfred de Dreux and Eugène Delacroix, magnificently represented this animal in their work. And let’s not forget that the horse is the most frequent animals in art since the pre historic times –  it’s one of the most ancient subjects seen in all sorts of contexts, most frequently in battle fields or individual art works as the mount of powerful people or pulling a cart.


In photography I like pure and simple photographs and I dislike elements which disturb the vision of the picture. Sometimes, it’s a real challenge to find the good frame to avoid disturbing elements such as advertisements.


I like also to capture the emotions of the riders – defeat, victory, sadness, happiness..


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