Gígja Einarsdóttir’s mythical drama


There are landscapes shaped by vulcanos and hot springs and during the winter; large chunks of ice that turn blue due to their high level of minerals.

There’s a also few forests but not many.  As the temperatures are rising the trees are getting taller.


“I always travel a lot around the country and I have so many places which I love. I try to be involved in preserving our environment – teaching people to have respect for nature so they don’t put factories all over our beautiful island.”


“I was in the US during the lava cloud. I missed it. What a shame!”


The landscapes are not the only important factor in creating the perfect image.


“On Iceland the weather changes all the time. I always try to go out when it is bad. Then you get amazing photos. With the snow there was a crazy storm. We went out and got really interesting pictures.


Sometimes you have to go a little bit further – get uncomfortable to get the best pictures. Walk into rivers to get a different angle, ” tells Gígja.


While climate change has made the Icelandic weather a little warmer and a little bit more unpredictable she’s missed out on some of the most dramatic moments during her years in Kentucky, where she was involved in marketing the Icelandic horse.


“I was in the US during the lava cloud. I missed it. What a shame!” she laughs.

“I missed the eruptions as well. I’ve never even been close to one and I was also in the US during the earthquake so I’ve missed all those exiting things. I’ve photographed horses in the northern lights, but I still haven’t got the perfect image –  I’m still working on that.”


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Gígja Einarsdóttir’s first tome, ‘Horses of Iceland’ was published in 2012. She’s currently preparing for a new book which is set for publication in 2017. All images courtesy of Gígja Einarsdóttir ©

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