Listen & learn

    Listen &   learn   For Thierry Poussard, the ears are the most important feature in a horse.  Before he starts to photograph he listens to the horse to connect and to be accepted.   Where are you from?   I’m a French photographer born in Paris.    When and why did you […]

All ears

Wild horses – the movie

  Wild at   heart   For centuries wild horses have been a natural part of the American landscape. But now commercial interests are driving them out as they are rounded up and taken to slaughter houses. When Stephanie Martin decided to make a movie about the issue an impressive cast of people joined her. […]

Abbey Walmsley’s strokes of power

  A sureness of   character,   grace   and power   The British born artist spends as much as eight months to finish a painting; from her first sketches to the thousands of meticulous brush strokes that characterize her work. For her latest challenge, she travelled to Jordan to depict ancient Roman chariot races.  […]

"Dynamic Realism is not an art form that can be rushed, it is not an art form that forgives corner cutting when trying to apply the paint or pencil"