Martina Hingis’ perfect match

  Mixed   doubles   It created quite a stir when the Swiss tennis champion, Martina Hingis took a break at only 22 to compete as a show jumper. She still plays tennis and she’s still winning grand slam titles  – an incredible 20 years after her first win! As it turns out, it is the […]

Still number one

Princess Nathalie’s fairy tale

  Royal   Blood   Princess Nathalie Zu Sayn-Wittgenstein is anything but the Princess on the pea – the famous fairy tale by the Danish story teller, Hans Christian Andersen. We visited the Danish princess after she had just won silver at the 2011 World Cup finals – less than a year after having given […]


Jean-Francois Pignon’s free roaming horses

  Faith   & silence    Free roaming horses that perform as if they were led by invisible strings have become synonymous with Jean-Francois Pignon. For the past few years, the French horse whisperer has literally challenged himself by embracing a new, silent language.   By Camilla Alfthan   Horse music is the name of […]

Living works of art

Pedro, the ring master

  Putting on   a show      Show organisers are usually the invisible, unsung heroes who leave the limelight to the others. There is, however, one exception. A man with a Spanish first name, a Polish last name, a German passport, a Dutch wife and a home in Canada – Pedro Cebulka.   By […]

A musketeer

Roger-Yves Bost’s many styles

  The     importance   of being   different   As a member of the national, French équipe for over 20 years, Roger-Yves Bost – better known as Bosty – is one of the most popular characters of the show jumping caravan.    By Camilla Alfthan   The 48-year old grew up at Haras […]

Roger-Yves Bost in Paris

Frederique d’Arragon

  Palermo’s   first   female   player      In Argentina she was a myth. Today, the Paris born captain of the Unicorn polo team spends her time uncovering – and preserving –  archaeologic treasures in Asia.   Coming soon….  

Riding out

Georgina Bloomberg’s agenda

  Georgina’s   agenda     Georgina Bloomberg has had priviledged upbringing as well as a lot of expectations. These days, however, the latter come mainly from herself in her career as a professional show jumper – and writer.   By Camilla Alfthan   Georgina Bloomberg hails from a family which has long been the […]

The A Circuit

Reed Kessler’s wild ride

  Reed her   lips   At only 17, Reed Kessler was selected to compete for the US at the Olympics as the youngest rider ever. Less than a year later, she broke into the Top 30 – and became number one in the US  – keeping up with her ambitions full steam ahead…   […]

”I’ve been competing my whole life.

Ludger Beerbaum’s many Likes

  Ludger’s   many   Likes    For the German show jumping legend it is impossible to name a favorite horse as there were so many. A couple of hundred when he is only counting the ones that he took to international shows.   By Camilla Alfthan   It is the horses who helped Ludger Beerbaum […]

Ludger Beerbaum and Malin Baryard-Johnsson

Christian Ahlmann & Judy Ann Melchior

  SHARING  &  CARING     For show jumping’s power couple, Judy Ann Melchior and Christian Ahlmann, the horses are everything. Just as being able to compete in the same shows.   By Camilla Alfthan     You’re surrounded with some of the world’s best horses. But which horse is your favorite ?   Christian […]

Always together - here at the World Cup finals in Gothenburg