Yoga for two

Breathe, stretch, strengthen,  allow, connect…   (And then repeat!)     Bikram is the basis of  Linda Guanti’s yoga programme which she developed for both horses and humans.   By Camilla Alfthan, all images from Linda Guanti.   “My routine combines some of my favorite yoga postures with some of my favorite horse stretches. Combined, they provide […]

"It’s not about the end of the pose - it’s about the journey through it."

A scent of Blue Grass

On the cover of TIME magazine as the first woman ever  – “A queen rules the sport of kings” .     A scent   of horse   Elizabeth Arden was not just a Queen of the beauty industry – she was also an avid racing fan, a famous horse owner and a breeder.   […]

Horses were a major passion for Elizabeth Arden